The BAC 167 Strikemaster was a further development of the Jet Provost, designed and built in the 1950’s by Hunting Percival in Luton. The Jet Provost was primarily a jet powered trainer for the RAF but it was also a successful light attack aircraft which saw success in the Middle-eastern export market.

The Jet Provost T5 production continued alongside the development of the Strikemaster and the first prototype (G-27-8) flew from Warton on 26th October 1967.

Strikemaster was a weaponised version with an uprated Rolls-Royce Viper turbo-jet engine, a strengthened airframe and wing hard-points and fuel tanks together with a completely new communications and navigational system in the cockpit alongside dual ejector seats.

Initially marketed as a counter-insurgency aircraft, the Strikemaster also maintained its advanced trainer profile although most Middle-eastern users opted for the militarised version. Its rough airfield capability and low-maintenance costs made it a favourite amongst many third world governments.