Bremont Great War Display Team


The Team started out in 1988 and was originally called The Wombats. It was an ad hoc collection of aircraft including 5 SE5as, 2 Fokker Dr1s and a Fokker D7, many of them flown by their builders, and appeared that year at the Biggin Hill Air Show. Obviously this means that not only will 2018 be the centenary of the end of the Great War but it will also be the 30th anniversary of the Team’s formation. Up until 2012 two of the original members, Des Biggs and Doug Gregory, were still flying with the Team and Doug flew his SE5a in January 2013 to celebrate his 90th Birthday! Sadly Doug is now no longer with us, see his memorial page.

Over the years the aircraft and pilots changed frequently. Robin Bowes flew his red Fokker Dr1 for several years until his untimely death, Nick O’Brien flew the black Fokker Dr1 for many years, famously looping it at VERY low level at every display! Ernie Hoblyn joined in 1997 with the Sopwith Triplane he had built, which flies now in the ownership of Gordon Brander. The following year John Day and Bob Gauld-Galliers joined, flying the Nieuport 17 they had built and also the Junkers CL1 they had converted. John extended the types in 2006 when he finished building his Fokker Dr1 and that joined the Team as well.

Following John’s untimely death his Dr1 was bought by Bruce Dickinson and still flies with the Team, and now we also have Peter Bond’s Dr1 as well; there aren’t many places you can see three triplanes flying together. The SE5as and their pilots changed frequently, with Dave Linney and Vic Lockwood, the current pilots, joining in 2007 and this year we also have Mike Waldron’s SE5a as well. Matthew Boddington’s BE2c joined in 2013 adding to the spectacle.

We have been seen at many large and small airshows in the UK and abroad, at Duxford, Biggin Hill, Waddington, Farnborough and Fairford and as far afield as Portrush in Ireland and La Ferté-Alais in France.

The Team currently has 5 different types of aircraft available to fly, with 9 aircraft in total. For a large show with a long crowd line the full Team, with all 9 aircraft dog-fighting together, presents a spectacle which can be seen nowhere else. As well as the years of experience which the team has accrued, this year’s influx of new aircraft and pilots will bring new blood and fresh ideas which can only result in an even better display.