Child Safety

A colour coded ‘wrist band’ scheme operates in Clacton, and is free to the public – in a typical season our seafront team help to reunite almost 90 missing children with their relieved parents!

Children are given a corresponding wrist band which makes the task of re-uniting lost children with their family a lot easier. Wrist bands can be obtained from the Beach Patrol Office near the Martello Tower.

For further information please contact Seafronts on: 01255 686638

First Aid is available from:
TDC Beach Patrol office located to the West of the Pier.  (What3Words: pays.conquest.postcard)
TDC Beach Patrol office located at Palace Beach. (What3Words: ordeals.hunk.grit)
TDC Beach Patrol located at Martello Beach.  (What3Words: starlight.repeated.protests)