Muscle Biplane


This year Rich Goodwin will be wowing the crows at Clacton Airshow in his highly modified Pitts Special S2S, ‘The Muscle Biplane’, in his highly-modified Pitts Special S2S, his ‘Muscle Biplane’.
‘The Muscle Biplane’, started life as a Pitts but don’t be under any illusions – this is not an aircraft you can buy off the shelf. The aircraft’s extensive modification programme has given this biplane enhanced capabilities which allow Rich to perform a unique and extraordinary brand of aerobatics.

Richard, an ex-RAF Tornado pilot now flies for a commercial airline but when he’s not at work, he’s either maintaining his current Pitts S2S Special, fondly known as G-EWIZ or building the new Jet Pitts.

The heart of the aircraft is a six cylinder 8.5 ltr Lycoming 0540 Engine, modified to produce 300hp and turning the latest MT Aerobatic Prop.

The standard Pitts’ landing gear has been removed and the engine mount modified to take Titanium sprung gear legs and there’s a new shape carbon cowling that reduces weight and profile drag. In addition to the enlarged rudder, this year Rich will be flying a newly approved elevator designed by Eddie Saurenman providing better pitch control for those hovering passes and tumbles.

All that, and more, means that Rich’s Muscle Biplane can perform double-hammerheads, high-alpha knife-edge flypasts and the amazing ‘Tower of Power’ to complete torque rolls whilst flying backwards through his own smoke!