Coronavirus (Covid19) – Information and Advice

Stay Alert – Control The Virus – Save Lives

Tendring District Council (TDC) are continually monitoring the current situation on Coronavirus (COVID 19) and are following information and advice published by the government. Please monitor the TDC website (www.tendringdc.gov.uk) for any official announcements.

For the latest advice and guidance on the Coronavirus (COVID19): Stay alert to stay safe.
Gov.uk Guidance from the government in response to coronavirus
Gov.uk– Guidance for households with a possible coronavirus infection
Gov.uk Government’s guidance on staying alert
Testing – guidance, where and how to get tested
Gov.uk – Guidance on shielding
Support for the extremely vulnerable– Register for coronavirus support on GOV.UK if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food.

NHS – For health information and advice on coronavirus.

Essex County Council – Information and updates on Schools, Libraries and Adult Social Care

mentalhealth.org.uk – Tips on how to look after your mental health