Team Raven and The Blades have officially joined the flight programme

A terrific trio of aerobatic display teams will marvellously manoeuvre above the Tendring coastline later this month as part of a hallmark aviation extravaganza.

Team Raven and The Blades have officially joined the flight programme for this year’s Clacton Airshow, in addition to the already-confirmed RAF Red Arrows.

Just like the event’s star performers, the two additional world-class airborne outfits will take to the hopefully clear blue skies of Clacton’s seafront on August 25 and 26.

Team Raven will fly self-built RB8 planes, using the aircrafts’ power-to-weight ratio and strong climb rate to execute astonishing procedures in a five-plane configuration.

The Blades, meanwhile, are made up of former RAF Red Arrows pilots and are the only other team with permission to arrive at events over the heads of the crowds.

Using Extra 300s with top speeds of 220 knots and capable of 10G, The Blades’ display includes more than 30 high-G manoeuvres and sees the pilots fly as close as four-feet apart.

Alex Porter, leisure and tourism boss at Tendring Council, which runs the Clacton Airshow, said having all three aerobatic displays was a real coup for the event.

“Together the Red Arrows, The Blades and Team Raven represent probably the top three display teams on the event circuit, so for spectators to watch them all at the Clacton Airshow is huge,” he said.

“These displays demonstrate the incredible prowess of all of the pilots, with their close formation flying, precision passes and head-to-head manoeuvres guaranteed to have the crowds gasping in amazement.”

In addition to the RAF Red Arrows, Team Raven, and The Blades, this year’s Clacton Airshow will also boast the Pitts Special muscle biplanes.

The Slingsby T67 Firefly fast jets with a MiG-15 will also feature, alongside a De Havilland Vampire, Supermarine Spitfire, Fairey Swordfish, and P51 Mustang.

The main line-up would also not be complete without the classic warplanes from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Strikemaster.

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